Airbrush Tattoos: Don’t think before you ink? Airbrush tattoos may be for you!

5shades Tattoos

At Black Line Studio, we pride ourselves on being a tattoo studio capable of providing the latest styles and technologies that the tattoo industry has to offer. Airbrush tattoos are a fantastic combination of all three! We are one of the only tattoo studios to provide airbrushing services. Okay, but what is an airbrush tattoo? Airbrush tattoos are high-tech temporary …

Tattoo Mailbag: The cool sound of tattoos

5shades Tattoo Mailbag

“One of the delights of summer in our northern clime is the uncovering of our bodies, to the extent that would make a Taliban blush. Long-sleeved shirts and heavy coats are ripped from limbs to display, among the exuberant flesh, the year’s crop of fresh tattoos. No doubt many of these tattoos have been around for a while. But each …

Babypin (Leg Tattoo)

5shades Tattoos

Background: “Babypin” is a nickname for a friend.. who was also friends with Peter. The nickname is embedded in with the safety pin, along with other sparkles to jazz it up. By Peter Belej.

Guest Artist this Weekend: Ed

5shades Tattoos

Another guest artist arrives this weekend. Ed was born in Havana, Cuba, and since a teenager he had a strong interest in tattooing, which after he left the island became a new found love. He’s mostly self taught and has been tattooing since the early 1990s. His career began in Miami, FL, then moved to Mexico where he stayed for …

Guest Artist this Week: Meen

5shades Tattoos

In case you haven’t been by the studio, we’ve had a new guest artist in this whole week, providing some great tattoo designs for client appointments and walk-ins. Meen was born in South Korea and has been drawing since he “remembers himself”. He has a big influence from Asian art, and feels that Asian style tattoos comes very natural to …

OMG Sonic the Hedgehog! (Arm Tattoo)

5shades Tattoos

Background: Client was friends with one of Peter’s other clients that had a Megaman tattoo, but was looking for something a little different. He went ahead and had Peter do a tattoo of Sonic the Hedgehog. By Peter Belej.

Black Line Studio Named One of Toronto’s Best Tattoo Parlours

5shades Tattoos

Black Line Studio has been named one of Toronto’s Best Tattoo Parlours by Canadian-based online men’s magazine, DailyXY. Thanks to everyone for your support and we hope you come back for more tattoos! Toronto’s Best Tattoo Parlours Once the domain of sailors, Russian mobsters and Maori warriors, tattoos have become unquestionably mainstream. Even if you’re not committing to that full-neck …

V for Vegan (Inner Lip Tattoo)

5shades Tattoos

Background: An unusual but doable tattoo, the client came in looking to have a tattoo of the letter “V”, done on the inside of his mouth. The “V” stands for his choice to eat vegan. While it was a little difficult because of its placement, Hania was able to do this one just fine. We’re always up to try unique …

Blue Horse (Upper Arm Tattoo)

5shades Tattoos

Background: The client is both a farmer and a dog breeder, so she was looking for a tattoo that had a lot of representation for her. Part of it is a memorial for her horse, who had passed away under an apple tree, which was included in the design. The rope represents her cowgirl/farm wife lifestyle, and the broken bone …