Decorating the Body – Now and Then

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The concept of decorating one’s body for one purpose or another has been around for as long as history can be documented. The earliest proven tattoo to date currently reaches as far back as 3,300 BCE. Humans have long sought new and inventive ways of expressing themselves through body modifications and indelible art—but for some, they looked for alternative methods …

Featured Jewelry: Wildcat Time Piece Rings

5shades Jewelry

The time piece rings by Wildcat are a new addition to Black Line Studio, which is constructed with gears from a watch. There are 8 different styles to choose from at $50-55. It’s a great gift or a present for yourself!

Featured Jewelry: Millefiori

5shades Jewelry

Millefiori Art Glass Jewelry 
 Hand made in Murano Italy From the ancient Roman bowl to the modern “murrina” jewel. After two thousand years the same technique of craftsmanship has now been revived: expert hands patiently assemble innumerable segments of coloured glass which are then fused in the furnace to recreate the amazing colours, patterns and transparent clarities of the …

Featured Jewelry: Stingray

5shades Jewelry

Stingray Jewelry What is Stingray Jewelry? Designer Alan K. has created a large variety of Sterling Silver Jewelry that incorporates premium Stingray Leather in various colors. This type of jewelry has become a quite popular seller and makes a perfect gift for many occasions. Many people believe that the Stingray Leather brings strength and power to anyone wearing it. It …

Lots of New Body Jewelry to Choose From!

5shades Jewelry

Lots of new body jewelry available at the store, including plugs, navel jewelry, nose screws, and new styles of tunnels and dermals. All pieces range from $25 up to $65. Pictured left is one of our many skull pieces. This naval ring has Swarovsky crystals and sharp detail if you’re looking to get flashy. Only five are available in-store and …

Featured Jewelry: Double Cross by Travis Walker

5shades Jewelry

Travis Walker has been crafting unique jewelry and leather designs since the mid 1980’s. He was born and raised in Malibu, California, where he still resides today with his wife, Brittany. As a young man Travis was always drawing, carving and creating new designs. Coming from humble means Travis looked to his creativity to define himself. Where others bought things …

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While tattooing is our speciality, we offer a ton of other services & products at the studio: Piercing Piercings are done in store by our piercing specialist, Steven. Depending on the type of piercing, location, and how busy the store is, the process can take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. We also have an entire display of naval rings, …

New for Spring: Dom Rebel

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The kings of bad boy are back! We’ve got a fresh new delivery of Dom Rebel gear, with 15 different styles of shirts (including the Atelier collection with crystal embedding) and 6 new jewelry pieces. Shirts from their spring collection start at $121 each, and increase in price for the Atelier collection, which are enhanced with Swarovski crystals. Check out …

70% off Poison Ivy Belts!

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Big time price drop on the Poison Ivy belts, from $650 to $200! Each piece is limited quantity and handmade by a designer in NYC. Six different styles to choose from, each with embedded Swarovski crystals with studding on fine leather material. Comparing price to quality, these Poison Ivy belts are a steal for $200!

New Body Jewelry: Belly Buttons Rings, Nipple Rounders, Dermal Anchors

5shades Jewelry

Adding to our extensive collection of body jewelry, another collection of new belly button jewelry made its way into the studio, including belly button rings, nipple rounders, and dermal anchors. Get them pierced at the store too. Don’t forget to use the $20 gift certificate to save extra on them! Belly button rings starts at $25 Nipple rounders start at …