Korel is originally from Roma Sur Mexico, and is gracing us with 15 years of global tattoo and other artistic experience. Before coming to Canada, Korel had been tattooing in Japan, New York and Mexico. His natural artistic talents really took his career to a new level about 15 years ago while he was working as a commission based graffiti artist.

Working with the likes of Eduardo Kovra in New York, Korel’s tattoo career fell in his lap after he was commissioned to do artwork on the walls of his friends tattoo studio – next thing he knew he had become a tattoo apprentice in that very shop.

Having spent time doing live portraiture and drawings, paintings and murals, Korel is unstoppable in the tattoo industry. His specialties based on his portfolio are in Realism, black and grey and color – however, Korel can design and customize nearly ANY idea that you bring his way.

Come visit him in our studio between June 18 – June 25!