Born in Mexico City, Federica brought her smooth style to Canadian soil in August of 2017.

Federica realized early in life that art was her passion—drawing and painting since a young age. In her pre-teen years, Federica found herself exposed to the artistry of the tattoo industry and quickly found her calling in life. Developing a heavy interest in the art form, Federica began teaching herself the many styles of the skin art industry.

As her love of the art form continued to grow, Federica found herself wanting tattoos of her own but was unable to afford them. To remedy this, she purchased a machine for herself and set to work. While it wasn’t easy, having a machine in her hands only drove home her desire to learn and master the practice.

Federica left her steady job, trading it for an apprenticeship at a large 16-artist shop in Mexico City.

Finishing her year-long apprenticeship, Federica has been tattooing as a licensed artist for two years now. She specializes in fine-line and blackwork tattoos, but enjoys inking her own unique creations as well.