Daniel Maya

daniel maya tattoo artist

Having been born in Mexico City and growing up in Chicago, Daniel has had the chance to live in various culturally diverse areas. His passion for tattooing began in Chicago when he got his first tattoo, from that point onDaniel, took his love for art and drawing to a whole new level and traded in his pencils for ink. 

Daniel has been a professional tattoo artist since 2010 and is highly skilled in Black & Gray, Color, Traditional, and Neotraditional tattoo styles. While Daniel’s skill set is very well rounded, where his passion lies is in Realism – he loves to bring his artwork alive. Nature tattoos of any sort are what satisfy him the most, from being able to bring out every detail of a birds feather, to showing the slightest gust of wind in a landscape. For Daniel, tattooing is his own form of poetry and photography all wrapped into one art form. His ability to express himself so vividly through ink really sets him apart in Realism and every other form of tattoo art. Tattooing will be Daniel’s lifelong career.