Monday: 11am – 8pm
Tuesday :11am – 8pm
Wednesday: 11am – 8pm
Thursday: 11am – 10pm

“Art has always been my life.” Born in Montreal, Damon started his love for tattooing at an early age with pencil drawings and slowly started to move into charcoal canvas. Now tattooing has become his outlet of choice. What he loves most is that every piece is different, every day is a new experience and a new challenge. The clients that he has meet over the past 8 years and the bonds that he has created, have made his career choice much more rewarding.

“My style of tattooing I’d say is mostly black and grey realism. I still incorporate illustrative, and other forms of art into my pieces which I believe gives my tattoos its own distinctive style. These days I focus and mostly enjoy tattooing high detail, large scale pieces; statues, faces, warriors, mythology, animals, anything baroque, anything awesome.”