Monday: 11am – 8pm
Tuesday: 11am – 8pm
Thursday: 11am – 10pm

Nicolas Canon is a talented artist from Bogota, Colombia. He has been painting since the age of 3. Mastering different mediums such as oils, watercolours, acrylic, pastels, graffiti and digital painting before he turned his attention to tattooing. Apprenticed under Bryan Sanchez (a pioneer in the watercolour tattooing style) in Medellin, Colombia. His style of preference is a mix of traditional art, watercolour style, realism and illustration.

Nicolas is now interested in pushing the boundary forward when it comes to aesthetics and tattoo designs. He considers every work an opportunity to create beauty and meaning that is unique and personal. Every tattoo is carefully thought, designed and executed to fit his client’s vision while also creating a piece that will stand time and still look beautiful 20 years from now.

When he is not working on a tattoo piece, he spends his time traveling or preparing for his upcoming art exhibitions.