So it all started when I was born. I grew up watching my mom painting flowers on satin pillows as a hobby and a side income, to a child’s eye, that was beautiful . Ever since I was a child I’ve been attracted and stimulated to do art, some of my earlier memories are of me painting in my room with a disney projector. In school I always was the drawing boy, although I was attracted and inspired by many things like clay sculpting and other manual crafts, every chance i had to doodle something, I would take it.

When i was around 13 the tattoo shows started showing on TV, Miami ink and such. I had never had any contact with the tattoo world, nobody in my family had tattoos. The closest to it was the temporary tattoos, bough during summer, that was fun . But these shows really sparked my curiosity, captivated me and I was a regular viewer. It got to a point where i wanted to do it too! So i would ask my parents for a tattoo starting kit, I never got it. Who would buy it to a kid so young? Not many parents…

Through many hardships in the life of an artist with no money, a wonderful girlfriend and a dream…here I am now.

Sometimes I think that this is nothing special, there are thousands of better artists, i’m nothing, but to me, to my life and my personal goals, this matters, being broke for a while matters, sacrificing matters, making someone happy with a tattoo matters, getting to know you matters.


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